Mineral Right Question and Negative Impact

Ok here is a scenario I need a little help understanding.

Oil Company A offers this amount/Oil Company B offers more.

I lease with Oil Company B because the Royalty is the same but the Bonus is much more

Oil company A then says they own the majority of the leases in that area and eventually the company you leased with will try and sell your lease to them anyway.  At that point they may not purchase the lease from them and then the Company you leased with will get you force pooled.  Then they would become a working partner and receive payments from the well that would result in your getting less payout because now they take a piece of the pie.

Is their any truth to this or is this some sort of scare tactic?  Maybe Overriding etc.

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Just for note***  This Property In In Louisiana

Danny - The Lessee would not get a 'piece of your pie'.  If your lease provides for a 25% royalty, for example, you will still receive that 25% royalty even if another operator drills the well.  

Any ORRI reserved by your Lessee would be in addition to your 25%, and not carved out of your interest.


Is there something wrong with GHS? There seems to be two threads running for this topic. But only one is listed on the main board.

The discussion was posted twice.  Once to the Main Page and once in the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale Group.


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