Hi everyone, like a lot of other land owners I thought the shale heyday was all but over, then the resurgence of interest.  I live in Red River Parish on coordinates 25/14/10, there is only well on our section (Breedlove 25)  I am averaging 3 calls weekly from parties interested in buying our royalties, they were initially cautious with specific dollar offers but the average would have been around $2000 per acre, the latest offer in writing and then by phone was $10000 per acre, the phone call sated that could be a starting price if I were interested. I assume the interest is a result of  Tellurian building Driftwood. Also, is it true that their is shale oil above the Haynesville gas shale, someone mentioned to me that the gas is drilled first to relieve the pressure before drilling the oil shale.  I am clueless but I am in no hurry to sell anything at this time. I would be grateful for any information/tips etc... Thank you all.  

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The best take on the current HA wells designs is that they produce somewhere around 75% to 80% of their lifetime production in the first 24 months.  After that point the monthly production decline varies little.  Paying off your house sounds like a very good use of the sale proceeds.  Good luck.


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