Natchitoches Parish and Sabine Parish Mineral Rights purchase

has anyone rec'd a letter recently (april 2018) from Macedonia Minerals LLC for possible purchase of mineral rights?

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State registration is not a requirement to do business in Louisiana however many corporations do so whether headquartered in the state or not.  An O&G lease does not have to be with a registered company to be binding.

Must register if doing business under another name?

Also, registering with the LA Sec. of State lets you pay for an in-state agent of process whereby you can be legally served with documents, aka sued.

An out-of-state business entity not registered with the State of Louisiana ought to raise a big red flag.

They have been buying in East Texas Counties lately, they are legit and they pay.

Being legit and paying do not establish what they are paying.  That, as always, is the key question.  With low natural gas prices and development concentrated in specific areas, the question is one of fair market value.  That is, more often than not, difficult to ascertain for laymen.

<with...development concentrated in specific areas>>>

Is seismic technology advanced now that it might cause such a concentration of drilling?

People in the field used to think they were getting close to identifying natural fracturing down below or the lack of it.

That would explain a lot about where lease hounds go and don't go. 

This area is inconsistent and complicated from a stratagraphic sequence  and dip standpoint as it is on the slope of Natchitoches Island.  The Haynesville Shale thins and then faults out against the island. 

Just got another letter on May 5 2018...this one from Red Stone Resources out of Edmund Oklahoma.


Another Minerals Purchase or Minerals Lease general letter that was addressed the same way as the other letter so must

be using the same data base/list of property owners.

If the letter does not contain a specific dollar amount, it is a fishing expedition. It is highly likely that redstone has not performed  any detailed research to establish a fair market value.  They may do so if you express interest.  If your minerals are in Natchitoches don't be surprised if the offer goes away once the company looks more closely at the mineral history.


You're welcome.  If you are curious, call them.  I'd be curious to see how aggressive they are about pricing Natchitoches Parish minerals.


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