Natural gas price has slowly started to rise. Any predictions on what to look for in the 1st quarter of 2011?

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This link could make for interesting pricing if it comes to pass.


"Signs continue to point toward an arctic cold outbreak beginning the third week of November in the Northwest, expanding to much of the eastern half of the U.S. before Thanksgiving.

The cold wave will have people turning up their heat and perhaps scrambling to stock up on wood and fill up on heating oil.

Snow and a freeze-up accompanying the cold blast may lead to travel problems.

The air will have tremendous shock value, given the complacency in the weather now over the Plains and much of the Southeast.

It appears building cold air over Siberia will soon move eastward through the Arctic over the next week or so, then drive southward through North America during week three of the month."

Bring it on......... I'm ready for some cold weather. Got my gas logs all ready to be fired up!
Now you guys wouldn't want our northern neighbors to freeze just to give your mail box money a little bump, would you? LOL!
No Skip, I just like sitting by a nice fire when it gets cold! ..... But it would be nice if the price of gas went up just a little bit. LOL!
Oh, it will. If it's cold enough long enough, we'll get a little bump. It just won't be much or for long unless injections decline. Got a cabana fire pit?
Yep, sure do. Been sitting out there by a nice warm fire for the past week. Stop by sometime when you are passing through Stonewall......... the door is always open, the beer is cold, and the wine is at room temp.
Thanks, Linda. Maybe next year. I will spend most of my free time for the next two months in the Ouachita Mountains. Headed there tomorrow.
Sounds nice....... have a safe trip, and enjoy yourself. Hope to see you next year.
This should help, at least in the short-term, to support prices:

Winter Weather

Also Accuweather's Winter Forecast
I live in the northwest. I want my mailbox money but I hate this cold, I am not a native here. It i s already rainy and wet for the duration of the fall and winter, not that cold yet. I will enjoy the relative warmth since the next few weeks may be much much colder.
All the moisture keeps us looking young though :).
I live in the northeast and it is already cold here. We will be down there for Christmas and looking forward to it. I am currently not receiving any mailbox money, so the cold is not helping me. Shell has completed our well sometime ago, but no production.


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