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Yes, may he have a long happy healthy and prosperous life. Thanks for all you do here Skip in informing us about what's going on. 

If you think a 13 mllion dollar school bond for a rural school is "so small", that artificial turf and stadiums is a "fraction"  that it bears no weight .. then no wonder budgets are busted.

NONE of this 13 mil went toward education of science, reading, comprehensive skills.  It all went to football and an unneeded administration building.

Taxes (even with HS tax revenue) went up $100 a year on average home owner.

Kids leave this school not knowing math, and low reading skills.  But boy, they can cheer. 

Just saying..I want schools that educate.  I want schools here that can help our students compete in a world market.

Its good that there are Shalionaires out there, but it would be better if their children were educated.

What is the meaning of krkyoldhag?

I am older then dirt...74 next week  and sometimes when I watch and read the news I get that's the meaning of Cranky Old in krkyoldhag...

just saying...

I know how you feel! I have stopped watching much of the "news" of today. its kind of like those cheerleaders you were talking about. Flashy, loud and dramatic but not too aware of what is really happening on the field!

I'm getting a kick out of both of your names, Greedy and, they kind of go together don't they?  Watching the news would make Norman Vincent Peale cranky!  But as far as your age,...74 is not old it is a blip of time compared to eternity and anyway, God keeps you young and will renew your strength.  If you are an atheist, sorry, not trying to offend.


I agree!

A tutoring center available to all students might be an additional perk of the HS.

Perhaps next winter - or sooner if some states ban drilling (non are contemplating a ban right now)  I hate to say it but it would be great for LA if NY and PN both banned fracking. But I certainly don't want that to happen.

I would love the US to do more exports of LNG, but consumers who want low prices don't want that to happen.  A proverbial rock and a hard place.  As somebody else here said, we are the victims of our own success in finding natgas.  Now, if we can be so successful in finding more US oil ...

Purvin & Gerts 2013 forecasts $6.54


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