"New CNG Fuel Station Opens in Mansfield LA" by Lynn Vance 2/6/12

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"A partnership between Lott Oil Company, Inc. and Chesapeake Energy Corporation..."

"The compressor equipment and dispensers at the station were funded in part through the "Empowerment Louisiana" grant from the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR), in addition to investments made by Lott Oil Company Inc...."

Location:  the Chevron Shop-A-Lott convenience store and truck stop/corner of Hwys 171 and 84 @ 796 Washington Ave...Mansfield, LA.

Price:  CNG $1.79

Cudos to Lott Oil Company, CHK, and the LA DNR.

DrWAVeSport Cd1 2/6/2012


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$1.79 per gasoline gallon equivalent sounds darn good to me.  One of the keys to CNG for light duty vehicles is finding a storage option other than a cylinder which takes up half a car trunk. 


True.  CNG has its drawbacks, but as you point out...$1.79?  There's no case left for U.S. OPEC $5 gallon gasoline addiction.  ($5 gas prediction for Summer 2012)

The relay station at 49 & 175 is installing ncg . Out front you can fuel cars & trucks & in the rear  big rigs! The large tanks in the rear have encana on them .


I would switch my truck to this if there were stations all over the area. I know a lot of other people that would make the switch but due to the lack of fueling stations do not do it. I do consulting engineering work and travel between Texas and Florida and use a lot of gasoline. Hurry up and build a chain of fueling stations and you will have many more switching. Like the Field of Dreams, "Build them, They will come".


Two Thumbs UP!

DrWAVeSport Cd1 2/10/2012

Live in Lafayette and we have some of the City Buses that are CNG fueled. I see them around town and they have big signs letting people know the fuel they are burning. The safety aspect will have to be stressed to the general public about using CNG fuel, have heard many talk about HOW SAFE is the fuel to be driving around with a pressure tank in your car.

Exactly, Build them and they will come!

Here in Lima, Peru most cabs have added CNG to their cars.  One driver told me that it cost him about $900.00 to add the whole system.   The system consist of  a tank, a regulator, and an extra plate under the carburetor.  He also had a switch under the steering wheel so that he could change from gas to CNG on the fly at any speed.  He said the only time he makes the switch is to clime a mountain if he needs more power or he runs out of CNG.  We pulled into a station and he popped the hood and within a  few minutes we where back on the road again with a full tank of CNG for only $20.00  To fill the regular gas tank it would have cost him $45.00  We have it good in Texas because gas here is already $4.85 a gallon.   

I really feel our government does not want us to switch to CNG in our cars and trucks because of all the tax money they receive from the making and selling of gasoline.   When you think about it, most people could just add a pressure pump to their natural gas lines at their homes and fill their own cars and the government would loss a lot of road tax money.   Maybe they would have to add a dye like they do to the off road diesel and check your tank during annual inspection to make sure you are purchasing from a CNG station.

I was wondering about the conversion costs.  it's in the thousands here in the states.... and you can't switch from NG to gasoline.  you have one or the other.  i think i know why... but i don't want to get  into politics or who is gonna make a bunch of money.  by the way... do you think those CNG stations are going to be profitable in the short term?  what's the customer base...? what about free standing stations selling CNG and gasoline along with Icee's and hot dogs and beer on the side?

The conversions they had several years ago allowed you to switch between the two.  Havn't looked at the new options but can't imagine that it's any different.

Good... thanks for the update.  What's the cost for a 2002 GMC Z-71 V8 Pick-up... if they do them?

A guy in Florida just quoted me $5K for a conversion.  I don't think vehicle model makes a lot a difference in the price.


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