Bare with us as we get everything in place.

The lease offer db can be found under the "More..." tab.

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Hello Keith: I use internet explorer,when i click on a play, my screen will freeze. After some time i get a popup stating a script is running and if I don,t cancel it my computer will become unresponsive.Sounds like the same problem kittycatmama is having.

I am looking into this. I know firefox and google chrome does not experience this issue.

Keith, same problem with long running script notification. Site unresponsive until script is stopped.

Can you confirm that this has stopped?

Kieth having same problem...

How about now?

Stopped for me as of now

Can you confirm that this has stopped?

Kind of has a facebook flavor now...

I tried to customize my page, to rearrange things and get rid of the vast white expanse in the middle, but I am not able to move anything.  Too soon?

I want to be sure that we have the home page going ok and then I'll turn lose.

I am 75 ..and have dealt with lots of changes..I try to adapt...still haven't gotten used to the "new" prayer book at my church after decades...

This new format is different..maybe a little too much for me.  I was comfortable with the old format was like an old friend..not too glossy, not too fancy, but comfortable for me to use.

Guess it will be like the new prayer book, I will look at it, use it, but might not ever feel all warm and fuzzy by it.

It will probably be good for the more modern younger members. 

I enjoy reading and sending comments, and the news, and the oil/gas market prices.  Will still get those I hope.

But (all of you sigh with relief) won't be talking on the site.  It's Mr. Mauck's baby and he has labored over it for all of us.  Guess he can dress it anyway he wants.


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