President Obama just mentioned 'Natural Gas' in the post-election press conference when talking about solutions to energy challenges. Bring it on!

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"Terrific natural gas resources" - this could get interesting on the energy front
glory hallelujah he said it and didn't mention china in the same breath.

we'll see.
Surely my ears deceive me!
The President does not drive the energy debate, the Congress does. I am pleased that he mentioned nat gas and hopefully he will actively support legislation that provides incentives for increased usage. Anybody want to give me odds on Congress passing an energy bill that favors nat gas over coal?
as far as electricity generation you're right its a long shot. 1 in 5 and that's probably too optimistic

our big hope must be NG as a transportation fuel imo
Having any energy bill passed would be a step in the right direction. I will abstain from gambling on this particular issue but I do think there is more hope now.
Aw, come on, jffree. You could bet one of Keith's barrels of oil. He'll never miss it. LOL! All attempts at levity aside, the only possibility for legislation favorable to increased use of natural gas, IMO, is for the oil majors to go all in on shale gas, buy up the bulk of the reserves and then out maneuver the political allies of the extended coal lobby in Congress. The current champions of natural gas are light weights.
It is way too early to have a good read on the legislative climate. Give it a week or two and I might hazard a small wager.
I think, hope, what you'll see are incentives that will invite companies to utilize ng based generation and policies that agressively pursue it as a transportation fuel. A lot has changed over the last couple years. I think shale gas supplies have been solidified and many of the republican pick ups came in shale states - OH, PA, MI. Not to mention Boehner is from OH. Rep Boren (D-OK) will have a larger audience for the Nat Gas Transporation Act - which already had 40+ co-sponsors.
Keith, I hope you are right. Okay, so what's your bet? LOL! Shall we say a barrel bet on legislation containing any nat gas incentives in the next session of Congress? I'm betting any legislation that would penalize coal, directly or indirectly, will be dead on arrival.
Here's my bet.

Congress won't penalize coal or natural gas but will opt for an equal playing field expecting the EPA to already be enroute to penalizing hydrocarbons.

Big gains in the form of tax incentives for cng as transportation fuels in 18 wheelers and filling stations
yeah i wouldn't bet against that in the long run but i don't expect the lame duck to do much other than extend the tax cuts/credits and deal with don't ask don't tell, it's holding up the annual defense policy bill

they might freeze the budget too, we'll hear from obama's entitlement spending commission soon. it'll definitely get interesting.

dems won't try to champion ng they'll make republicans do it later. its one of quite a few cans being kicked down the road.


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