So, it 100p on June 25, 2009 and Obama has just given the synopsis of his energy bill that is going through the House right now.
Not one mention of how clean natural gas is and that natural gas is the clean fuel. In fact he never mentions natural gas at all. He wants to build windmills....
Natural gas prices have gone down hill since he is unwilling to speak out about the massive amounts of reserve we have in the shale and other places.
So, where does this leave us now? And natural gas prices?

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Another President....Another failure to create a working energy policy.

Nixon Failed, Ford Failed, Carter....screwed the pooch.., Reagon, gave us super cheap oil (some say to bankrupt the Russians)..killed the domestic producers, Bush failed (went to war for oil...didn't finish), Clinton Failed, Bush II went to war again..mucked it up...Failed, and now Obama is going to fail. Why can't our leaders embrace the fact that we need our domestic oil and gas industry while the alternatives work on improving cost and effiency.
So far it looks like Obama is thriving on crisis.
Probably be too hard to assert government control if things were running smoothly!
Like if something isn't broken, break it so it will need to be fixed!
It will be fixed, he will declare success just before the next election......
Obama hated Bush so much that he wants to take the very money out of our pockets just to get back at Bush. "News Flash" Obama is not hurting Bush he is hurting the everyday person like myself and others that natural gas has been their family business for years. CNG would bring jobs, many jobs....It is Obama's pursuit to negate anything that Bush did, no matter who it hurts in the process.
Natural gas might be a central campaign topic of Obama's opponent in 2012. Bobby Jindal.
This bill has nothing whatever to do with energy. This is a tax, plain and simple. This bill will raise the price of everything everyone uses. Gasoline, Gas, especially Electricity plus any goods and services that everyone in the world uses. No one in the House or Senate has had a chance to read this bill. It's 900 pages long, and has not even been presented to the politicians in its entirety. Does this remind anyone else about the so called stimulus (that did not stimulate) or Tarp, or bailouts? Or all the other "hurry up and pass it" "don't read the fine print" "Trust us." The politicians dismissed the Tea Parties on April 15. I hope the ones on July 4 are larger. I hope every one remembers all the political hacks that are going to fall lock step behind their "Messiah" And put them back in the ranks of citizen instead of politician.
No doubt the self centered politicians will sign this cap and trade bill without reading it. for some reason every thing they pass is a must hurry and pass. Agreed, same with the stimulus bill. Even former Prez Bush got on TV telling us how important it was. Kinda like the military: Hurry up and wait. Except this time it's just hurry up. Can't any of them take the time to read the darn thing?

But my question too is how will this affect oil and nat gas prices? I can't think of a better place to ask this question. I already know how it will affect my electric bill. Double!
Natural gas prices drive me nuts....I am so tired of one day we are way overstocked and the next day we are down lower than the day before. I could understand the up and down trend if we had a hurricane or a blizzard going on but the weather is just (well here as we know HOT).
This bill is an insult and direct attempt to further divide the parties. How many times does T Boone have to meet with Obama and discuss CNG and the future.

While prices do rise and fall, mostly on speculation of what may happen, storage has been high for some time, notice how we are above the five year average, also notice how the low point this year is well above last year. Not a good sign for prices to recover anytime soon.

Also, heat is a big driver of demand. While we tend to think of nat. gas for heat many overlook the fact that huge quanities of nat gas are burned to produce electricity, and when its hot we run our elec. powered a/c.
Well, really the only reason they must hurry and sign is that the dems control the house, senate and presidency. And none of it will get undone unless the repubs control the house, senate and presidency.
Does the bill include any prohibitions against domestic drilling?
I know most people expect me to rant and rave about this bill. I'm not, I just feel sorry for the everyday average Joe who works his tail off, and doesn't have time to read or keep up with these bills. Can someone please post a link to the song The Sting. Just sitting at my desk shaking my head.



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