Anyone have any ideas why more activity is happening in Panola County over the past 12 months compared to Shelby County.

Any ideas when activity for Shelby County can start picking back up?

Just trying to get some idea when the local economy can start showing more life as both counties depend on drilling activity.

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Paul, please delete your duplicate Main Page discussion on this topic.  Panola County has a mid-major exploration and production company (Anadarko) drilling wells which produce liquids in addition to natural gas.  There is no significant liquid production in Shelby as far as I know.  Natural gas prices do not support drilling horizontal gas wells at this time unless there are liquids to support the economics.  Dry gas will go undeveloped while "wet gas" will attract some companies to make the required investment.


Thanks for info.

Does that mean that Panola County has LNG or some variation there of.  As for the dry gas do you see when that could change possibly in the next year or so.


Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs), not Liquified Natural Gas (LNG).  Dry natural gas is liquified through a cryogenic process that greatly reduces the volume allowing it to be transported more easily.  NGLs are primary feedstock for the chemical industry.

Paul-- simply reason like a old saying Why do you rob banks? "because that is where the money is" There is more oil & Gas in Panola than Shelby county with some exception depending on Loaction and formation drilled.

If you drill a long Toledo Bend Lake in Shelby County, you'll encounter a good deal of wet gas. We were having to separate the oil, & ship it to Shreveport during drilling operations.

Mike, could you tell us what company was doing the drilling and when this occured?  My family owns minerals in that area and, at one time,  it was under lease by Chespeake.

Whats up Mike. Met you when you were visiting with Jay and we ate at Robbie G's in Alexandria back in the spring.

Cicero, Ellora Operating, SWN, XTO, Chinn Exploration, & SM Energy. We dug a pit while building location, woke up the next morning, & the pit was half full of crude. I have never experienced an amount even close to that, in Panola County. Two Dogs, I didn't get your card, & couldn't remember your name. I've wondered who you were, haha. Good to see you again, have you heard from Jaybo??  Take care.


Mike, I haven't heard from Jay in a couple of months. I was the landman that  signed the lease on  the  location that we met up.

Mike thanks for the info. Does anyone know of any leasing in m.d.white, p.w.harvey or g.h.patterson surveys. Thanks

Anadarko leased several thousand acres in NW Shelby county in 2011.  I was told that they were later disappointed by seismic testing in this area and had more-or-less written the area off.  But, they have recently extended some leases, and obtained some new leases, in a very limited portion of their overall leasehold in NW Shelby County.  I have been told that they plan to drill one or two wells in the extreme northern portion of this area very close to the Panola County line.  Whether or not this actually occurs is anybody's guess.  My presumption is that they are hopeful that some of the Panola County NGL's extend into Shelby County.  I can't imagine that this activity would be taking place if dry gas was the target.


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