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As you can imagine, many in the industry have already signed this petition. For those who wish to do so and are not employed in the industry, please consider saying so even if you just enter "citizen".
Skip, I forwarded it to everyone in my email address book!
Thanks, SB. I would encourage all the members who concur with the language of the petition to do the same.
Hey Skip,
I just signed the petition online and called both the white house and the sec. of interior to voice my opinion concerning the Gulf Economic Survival Team. Thank you for your knowledge.

Mary Alison Knighton
Thank you, Mary Alison.
I've signed. It's my understanding that not only are these Louisiana jobs being lost but the leased equipment on the rigs is going to be sent on to overseas jobs.

I've also "shared" the site on my Facebook page - social networks like Facebook and Twitter have become quick, efficient ways of sharing urgent information. On Skip's link, just scan down to "Share" - there are comments and discussions on the Facebook page and an easy way to share the site on one's own page.
Collateral damage starting to roll in. P&J Oysters closed it's doors Friday.

bummer 80P
Signed it. Sean Hannity had a group gathered in New Orleans on his show the other night upset and concerend about this. Even people whose buisnesses are in the process of being devastated by this spill were saying they do NOT wanting the moratorium. Virtually everyone in that New Orleans audience was against it.
Gotcha, but who do you think shows up in a Sean Hannity audience--not exactly representative of us all.
What???? You mean that Hannity's audience isn't a fairly balanced, cross-section sample of the American public. Huh, learn something new every day!

lol 80)
I would rather petition for this. This would be a great day for the future of our state.

Six months won't destroy the industry or us and safety reforms can't even be done in 30 days. We'll get back on track with drilling again soon enough. I can't support an unreasonable position of fixing a long-broken problem in only 30 days. Consider we are allowing identical platforms to operate as we post.


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