Getting a little more than normal pipeline requests here in East Texas.  Panola and Harrison County.  Does anyone have any information about Branch Midstream.  I have not details other than a request for a survey.  Thanks.

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I have a little more information.  It's a 24-inch natural gas line and an 8-inch saltwater disposal line.  Should this be considered and negotiated as two lines?   Have an attorney but I have no experience with saltwater lines. thanks

For several years now the pipe yards on Hwy. 90 northeast of Houston have been chock-a-block full of all kinds of oil and gas related pipe, with huge inventories covered with corrosion from sitting around. About a year ago those yards started to move pipe out. Something's up with all that material ordered  up and stored long in advance, and it's probably related to an anticipation of the natural gas to feed to all the LNG export terminals either under construction or permitted on the Gulf Coast. 

I believe it's Branch Energy Services out of the Woodlands, but I for one (mainly keeping to Panola County) haven't seen them around, yet. There are however plenty of other folks running pipe, whether currently or shortly hence, in and through Panola right now. 4 pipelines I've been told, and another to come, whether moving gas or saltwater.

The vast majority of "pipe" isn't going to East Texas and the Haynesville/Bossier play area. The major pipeline projects are mostly oil and connect the Permian and Eagle Ford to south Texas particularly Corpus Christi and to the Houston area.

There are some pipeline extension in East Texas but much more modest. There was a 20" pipeline built late last year/early this year to connect the new Comstock wells in the Greenwood-Waskom Field, LA to a long distance line in East Texas. I think that is typical of pipeline activity currently in E TX.

10-4.  you're right.  The Permian is getting the most attention because of need.  Yet a 16-inch natural gas line is currently being placed in the ground through the Elysian Fields area.  negotiations are about to begin for a 24-inch nat. gas line and an 8-inch saltwater line through EF area. I keep hearing "building infrastructure".  I think it's all encouraging news.

Yes, there are new short distance pipelines needed to connect to the existing network in that area to support location specific drilling plans.



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