How do you figure how much to ask for when a drilling company wants to put a pipeline across your property?  Aethon energy will be crossing apx. 85' of our property in the Bethel area of Desoto parish.

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You're welcome, Renee.  40 acres, leased by 3 different companies?  Do mean three separate lease agreements, or three different operators drilling different formations?

We currently receive royalty checks from Indigo (formerly Chesapeake), Genesis and Jeems Bayou. A broker for Indigo is asking us to sign a new lease to allow an additional well to be installed. I’m assuming three different operators.

Considering your royalty situation, Indigo asking for a new lease is a red flag.  Why would they need a new lease if the old lease was valid?  A new well should not require a new lease.  Something is amiss!

That I do not know. Maybe since their acquisition of Chesapeake, was they want to update equipment or technologies? This offer for a new well came after multiple offers from other land companies to either buy or land for a lump sum, or to do what one land company is calling a lease prescription. Multiple proposals have been mailed out to us in the last few months. I’m going to request copies of the current leases. All I know is that the area looks like it’s surging. 

Don't let any of those brokers or landmen rush you.  Get the facts.  Understand the situation.  And then make an informed decision.  Let me know if you need any help.

Absolutly. I do need some help. Just finding people who know anything about the Shale has been helpful. 


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