We have been offered 400/rod for 40’ easement In desoto parish. Is there any place to see current easement prices?

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what area?

What product?  Natural Gas, Oil, or Salt Water

Natural gas. South desoto near Sabine Parish line.

Take Jay's suggestion. Hire an experienced oil & gas attorney. There are many things you need covered. What use can you make of the right of way after the pipeline is installed? Agricultural? Can you drive over the pipeline? Will they remove the pipeline after it is no ;longer used? 

Please read, Pipeline Easement and Right-of-Way Agreements -- A Landowners List of Terms to Negotiate. Written by
Eric C. Camp and posted on GHS 12/9/2013. I used his outline to negotiate points on a pipeline agreement also in
south DeSoto Parish.

Link to Mr. Camp's blog post mentioned above.


Thanks for all of your input. Will read his outline.

1.  What SRT are you in?   

2.  How large a pipeline?

3.  Who made the offer?  

4.  Did you take the offer, or are you still negotiating?


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