Anybody else been contacted concerning ROW through A-43?  I'm getting some seemingly low-ball offers from the ROW agent for a 20" pipeline that's gonna run right through the middle of my property and destroy a whole lotta trees. What says y'all?

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The lastest offer is $425 a rod.  If I want any money for my trees I have to sell them to some local guy they gave me the contact info for.  I told them I didn't plan on harvesting my trees for at least another twenty years and the money they're offering is too low.  They keep telling me I have too few rods across my acreage to really negotiate.  I told them if it's so small, then they should be able to afford whatever I ask.

How many rods? 

About 35

I should also mention that my land has frontage along a road where the pipeline will be crossing the road.  There's some wording for an extra 100'×150' temporaryR OW.

A. Spear Survey.

They said they haven't paid anyone more than $425/rod and will start sending out final offers to start condemnation proceedings tomorrow.

Thanks for info... gives me something to go on

You are not being low balled at $425/rod. Others might receive a little more due to several variables, but $425/rod is in the ballpark of fair market value for the size of line and ROW width they are wanting to place on your property.

But they are forcing me to harvest trees I had no intentions to for at least twenty years. They are failing to include the the 100'×150" temporary ROW that they say they will need next to the road I have frontage on.  Hell they haven't even sent me a good plat, since they told me the one I received from them had the temporary ROW on the wrong side of the permeant ROW.

Further analysis contradicts my previous statement regarding your timber. You should consider the acreage involved could fit into a forty acre commercial block of timber about 60 times over. Consequently is has little or no commercial value in today's mechanized timber market which require big volume cuts. You will be luck to give it away. Continue to hedge for more, but I personally I would not miss the opportunity to pocket $425/rod for the row AND the standing timber, and let them clear it. 

Yes...I am very pleased with my agreement with Embridge!

if you private email me...


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