We have mineral interest in both DeSoto and Caddo parishes.  We have a few questions:

1-Does anyone know a few good land attorneys?

2-What is the going rate for selling minerals at 25% royalty?

3-Who should I take offers from and which should I throw away?
4-Is it best to work with mineral buyers or is it best to work with a landman or an attorney?

Never thought I'd sell but things change...

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Are you receiving monthly royalty checks? How many acres?

1. Davidson Summers APLC in Shreveport.

2. No such thing as the going rate.  Each mineral interest is unique in one or more aspects.

3.  There are many buyers of Haynesville shale minerals and the vast majority will close a sale.  The question is, at what price?

4. It is good to work with a landman to get an idea of value.  The details are important.

This announcement has an impact on the value of minerals for sale in Chesapeake operated units.  Chesapeake announced in a corporate press release that the company would move three of its four rigs drilling Haynesville shale wells in NW LA to south Texas after the sale was finalized.  Just one of a number of variables that factor into mineral values.

Chesapeake, WildHorse complete $3.98 billion M&A deal 

Sergio Chapa , Houston Chronicle Feb. 1, 2019

Oklahoma oil and natural gas company Chesapeake Energy has completed a $3.98 billion deal to buy Houston exploration and production company WildHorse Resource Development Corp., the two companies announced early Friday morning.

Shareholders from both companies voted in favor of the merger on Thursday.

Under a merger agreement, each WildHorse shareholder can elected to receive either 5.989 shares of Chesapeake stock or a combination consisting of $3 cash and 5.336 shares of Chesapeake stock.

WildHorse's stock will no longer be listed for trading on the New York Stock Exchange. Two of the company's executives, David Hayes and Jay Graham, will be joining Chesapeake's board of directors.

The merger greatly expands Chesapeake's presence in the Eagle Ford Shale of South Texas.

"In 2018, Chesapeake Energy continued to build upon our track record of consistent business delivery and transformational progress through both financial and operating improvements," Chesapeake CEO Doug Lawler said in a statement. "The addition of the WildHorse assets to our high-quality, diverse portfolio, combined with our operating expertise and experience, provides another oil growth engine with significant oil inventory for years to come and gives us tremendous flexibility and optionality to help achieve our strategic goals."

Primarily drilling in the western end of the shale play, Chesapeake received 123 drilling permits in 2018 ranking it as the number four driller in the Eagle Ford.

Wildhorse focused on the eastern end of the Eagle Ford where it also owned and operated a frac sand mine. The Houston company filed for 131 drilling permits in 2018, ranking it as number three driller in the Eagle Ford.

Combined, the companies would still fall behind the Eagle Ford's top driller EOG Resources but displace ConocoPhillips from the number two spot.

Mr. Thompson don't feel bad about selling minerals. I run mineral titles and it would surprise a lot of people to see some of the big landowners who have sold. I will be glad to put you in touch with a hedgefund I wok with but I DON'T NEGOTIATE MINERALS. Areas and lease amounts vary all over. That is where a land person comes in for their knowledge. I and some of our friends recently sold some in Desoto and South Caddo. I have found that most mineral buyers will not buy minerals which have a mortgage. Also if you can, try to keep SOME of your minerals. I have a friend who is late 70s who just sold 75% of his minerals for a Million+. Had a crummy lease. Wanted to see his middle aged son, wife and grandkids enjoy life while he could see it. People sell for different reasons.


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