"Power Bills To The Moon": Chaos, Shock As Electricity Prices Across US Explode

Very Interesting article as how current Polar Vortex is affecting US energy prices


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This is hard to imagine!  

This is from the Ercot (Texas) website.
Installed wind capacity – 31,847MW
Record wind generation –22,893MW
Yesterday’s peak generation – 8,087MW
Peak generation so far today –5,350MW @ 1:am—Falling to 2,500MW as of 1:pm
Installed solar capacity – 5,747MW
Record solar generation – 4,798MW
Yesterday’s peak generation – 1,077MW
Peak generation so far to day – 2,670MW @1:pm
Austin Energy says they have had to load shed 1/3 of their demand (all non-essential circuits).
Pedernales Co-op is also shedding.
Looks like we need to rethink this.

If not, there are going to be a lot of generator sales.

What page/link is this on?

Go to ercot.com. then grid (button on top right). then wind and solar integration reports

For solar, go to PVGR integration report.

For wind go to wind integration report.

There are also graphs for each on the links above the reports,

I'm not sure I understand a lot of this article

Glad I'm not a Power Trader

What I do understand, however, makes me real nervous ...!

(And I'm not afraid of anything)

Zero Hedge


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I saw information from a "legitimate" news source saying about the same thing as Zero Hedge.  Can't remember where.  I also stated that it was "hard to imagine" when I posted the article.   interesting anyway

By the way...Wind turbines can operate in sub-zero temperatures.  Maybe the ones in Texas aren't equipped to handle the temperatures like the ones in Alaska.

It's not the temperature, its the icing.  Just as ice build up on an airplane wing will destroy its ability to produce lift, the buildup on a windmill wing will cause the same effect.  The windmills in West Texas are not equipped with heat strips as are airplane wings.  They would require more energy than the windmill could provide in these conditions.  

Here's what I saw on Bloomberg.  Not sure what any of this means but I do watch the NG prices in the commodities market.  https://finance.yahoo.com/news/natural-gas-skyrockets-again-500-220...


I just heard on CNBC that some utilities and some customers could get CRUSHED by spot market prices for NG shooting up thousands of dollars.  It would be nice to know what that means for customers before the bills start pouring in.

JHH, those super high prices per mcf are "spot prices".  Any end user that has not run through their contracted supply is not paying them.  Now if you have X volume committed for a month and use that volume up before the end of the month, you must buy enough volume on the spot market to get through the remaining days of the month until your next monthly contacted volume is reached.  Since we are mid-month now, it is difficult to know whether or how many utilities or other major end user are now out of contracted supply.  If the greater demand/use does not cause the need to supplement supply on the spot market until later in the month, prices will have fallen significantly barring another polar vortex.  I suspect our bills will not only reflect some unknown higher price per mcf used but we will have also used a greater volume.  We can revisit the question in a couple of weeks to see how much of the price spike was passed on to customers, especially residential consumers.


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