Does a 90% drop in production for a well make sense from one month to the next. Well has been in production 5 1/2 months.  Or is this a choke back?

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Without knowing the specific well you are referring to it is unlikely you will get any specific answers.

API  1703125183

The database does not recognize that API number.  Do you have a Serial Number or well name with section-township-range?

Mr. Peel,

That well is HA RA SUVV; PLD ETAL 21-12-12 H #1; SN241272.

Joe, there are three potential reasons among others.

1) Chesapeake is performing either well work or work on associated facilities requiring shut-in.

2) The surface flowing pressure has declined to the pressure of the high pressure gathering system and Chesapeake has not yet switched the well to a lower pressure system.

3) Chesapeake has elected to curtail production in response to the current oversupply situation.  

DeSoto parish 21-12N-12W


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