how can i find out prduction in sect6 10n 12w

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Go to the SONRIS Help Center group page:


Search by section-township-range, click on the wells in the appropriate section and look for production under the well file section:  Lease/Unit/Well Production.  These are the wells listed for your section -

Section Township Range
6 10N 12W
Count Well Serial Well Name Well Num Field ID Org ID Parish Upper Perf Lower Perf Total Depth API Count LUW Code LUW Type Well Status
1 1460 WILLIAMS 001 9715 9999 41

3020 0

2 28843 WILLIAMS 001 9715 9999 16

0 0

3 65949 OLIN INDUSTRIES INC 003 9715 9999 16

1725 0

4 174471 JAMES HEBERT SR 001 9715 3096 16

3275 1

5 241511 HA RA SU53;BEDSOLE 6-10-12 H 001 1440 C084 16 12657 17202 17303 1 616888 2 10

Jeffrey you come to the right place for information about your property. Once you go to the SONRIS website click on the various links to learn about the various numbers/meanings like the Parish 41 the Field Id number 9715 just getting up close and personal with your land. I do not live in Louisiana, but I visit SONRIS often and look around at the newest update on our property see what’s going on so I can keep my sisters updated because they do not have asset to the computer. Also if you have questions you can type your questions in the top search bar and chances are you will find the answers because so many subject matters has been covered right here... This is a great place....

thanks rozzy i check sonris daily getting use to site i live in north carolina trying to keep up with 154 aceres

It's a super site to learn from. I've been on here 3 years and it's helped me tremendously


(oops, it's time for me to feed Keith's tip jar again. the site runs on donations)

How would one know if a well was shut in for technical problems for part of the month? Is there a document search in sonris, or the scout report, would they indicate the downtime status within a week or 2? If you do not receive a royalty until 60 days later, the news is late.
VSC, there is no information on Sonris that would show if a well has been shutdown for part of a month.  Scout ticket information typically only addresses well drilling and completion.


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