Range Louisiana Operating, LLC cross-unit pre-application notice

We received notice that Range has applied to utilize its Nichols 26-35 HC numbers 1 and 2 alt wells and its Waller 26-35 HC no. 1 well as a cross unit horizontal alternate unit wells for LVC RA SUAA and LCV RA SU57 in the Terryville Field.  My understanding of this application is to use existing well pads in the Unit LVC RA SUAA to access the Unit LCV RA SU57.

We have property located in Unit LCV RA SU57 that has an expired lease as of Nov. 2017.  Does anybody know how this will effect our property? 

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LCV RA SUAA is Section 26 - 19N - 5W.  LCV RA SU57 is Section 35 - 19N - 5W.  The well in Section 26 ceased production in 1/1/17 so all those leases have now expired.  There has been no historic production in Section 35 so any leases past their primary term (date), including yours Max, are also expired.  This smells fishy to me and I've seen far too many fishy things out of Range lately.  I suggest that you contact your O&G attorney first thing Monday morning.  If you don't have an experienced O&G attorney, I suggest that you request a local hearing of the law firm that sent the notice.  Their contact information is on the application.  The three wells mentioned do not have well permits entered in the database so they are very new.  This looks like a rush job to try and maintain leases which are no longer in effect.  You can delay this application by requesting a local hearing.  I suggest that you do so to buy some extra time to get help.

Thank you Skip for the information.   I will call our O&G attorney tomorrow and let him contact the attorney's office (Cook, Yancey, King & Galloway) that sent the notice.  I'll update with any new info...Max

I'll look forward to an update, Max.  I think you should also ask your attorney about sending a demand for release since your lease is expired.  You might also suggest the same to anyone you know who may have an expired lease in either section.  This doesn't sound like seeking permission to use a pad in one section to drill into another although that may be part of the plan.  This sounds like 3 HC (Horizontal Cross) wells producing from Sections 26 & 35 drilled from two separate pads, one on land owned by Waller and two on land owned by Nichols.

Max did you ever talk to your Lawyer I just saw this and my lease ran out January the 25TH and I see they have permited the 2 Waller wells
Hey Ragging Bull, I did contact my attorney and he sent a release letter for me. I haven't heard back from him yet, so I figured that he hasn't received anything from Range. I'm going to give him a call next week and see if there is any new info. Max

I suggest that a sense of urgency should inform the actions of those with expired leases in these sections.  The Range rig drilling sections 25&36 immediately east is just about finished and may be moved to sections 26 & 35 next. 



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