Anyone familiar with Tacoma Energy and/or leasing activity in Rapides Parish ?

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Fellows, thanks for your help. This information is most beneficial.



What's this?  There is no depth shown, maybe a disposal well?

11 RAPIDES 02 974425 OS 001 01-AUG-13 W210 32-4N-1W 9709 WILDCAT-NO LA MONROE DIST
12 RAPIDES 02 974426 OS 002 01-AUG-13 W210 32-4N-1W 9709 WILDCAT-NO LA MONROE DIST

Someone posted about a rig being up  around the old Showtown Drive Inn Theater by the old North Circle  a couple of  weeks  ago. After looking at  my Tobin map this looks to be in Section 32, Township 4 North, Range 1 West. I am wondering  why Wilmore's Food Mart needs  a disposal  well?

Well S/Ns beginning with "9" denote injection/disposal wells.  I guess Wilmore's Food Mart is expanding their business empire.  Who knows?  LOL! The other recent development in Rapides is the application by Halcon for three TMS units in the Roxana Field.

Skip did you notice all the turns  in the bore of the Broadway H1 on the map?

Yep, TD, I did.  That's what happens when an operator attempts to maximize lateral length from a surface location inside the unit boundary.  And why operators generally prefer a surface location just outside of the unit boundary for horizontal wells.  Makes for less maneuvering and a more gently curve.

After looking at the Tobin, I was wrong about the location. Section 32-T4N-R1W would include the intersection of  Rapides Ave and  MacArthur Dr which is the location of Wilmore's Food Mart.

Since it is for a grocery store, could it be a geothermal well for heating and cooling?

It is my understanding that injection is for disposal. Its not a grocery store it is  a Chevron Station that serves food.

It is an old station so  they could have had  leaking tanks  and could be some kind of thing to clean them up and inject the hazardous stuff underground.

there are 16 more of these wells on sonris  like these 2 in rapides parish  dated 8/2/13


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