Looks like there has been a new Permit issued for Crowell well SW of Glenmora.   Was SN# 251311 & now it is SN# 251809.

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There is an allowable listed.


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I’m pretty sure the information I received last week was that the flowback was initiated on 1/21/2020.  That’s day the code changed from 31 to 10...   is that the norm when flowback starts? 

How long after the frac crews moved out was Jan 21st?

The state IP (Initial Production) test is supposed to be the first 24 hours of flow.  The SDM2G test is witnessed by an Office of Conservation field inspector.  So it seems that would have been 1/21.

If they base the official IP on the first 24 hours of flowback after they open up this well, be prepared to see a LOT of water rate and very little (if any) oil and gas. That is normal for frac'd wells since it is necessary to move a lot of the frac fluid / water before seeing O&G "break through".

Not sure when frac crew left the site. 

"That" is why most publicly traded, majors provide a press release or prominent mention in a quarterly report on important exploration wells such as this.  Even very long lateral wells in less water prone formations can take days to weeks to "clean up".  So maximum flow could be thirty days or longer.  The state test has been performed in this requisite manner for decades and not changed to accommodate the fact that it doesn't accurately reflect the maximum flow of modern long lateral wells

Louisiana needs to move into the 21st century (or unconventional frac stimulation world) with respect to items like this.

Thx for the input guys! 

IMO, ain't going to happen.  It does however happen occasionally in cases where the industry wants a change.  The old reporting and regulating template built for vertical wells doesn't work well in many instances but that has been the case for ten + years now.

Marathon has conference call and 2020 budget scheduled for Feb 12. 

Don't be surprised if the gloss over the AC Louisiana play  - even if questioned by analysts. Their focus should be on other much more active areas.

But you we may be surprised!

In an ideal world, they will have a good update on how well has cleaned up from this initial rate with much higher O&G and less water. And then talk about their acreage position and general plans.


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