Can anyone here give me some insight on the use of re-use water in north LA?  Specifically talking about re-using either flow back or produced water as frac water.

Any thoughts?

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Disposal is too cheap and re-use is too expensive.  

I thought that might come into play.  "Cheap disposal" in not a spoken term here in AR...

I obviously oversimplified it -

Basically, you don't want/can't really have 200 produced water trucks show up at the frac site each day and you don't really want to pipe it through 10" steel or aluminum irrigation pipe.  So you either need to be to move it in more secure poly pipe/dedicated in ground lines, or treat it to be essentially freshwater before moving it in leaky pipe.  

Oh, and unless your freshwater is coming from the same place that is supplying the produced water, you need 2 sets of water transfer lines.

That's a good observation.  And your right, you would have to have a separate line for fresh and re-use.  Also, it would seem that poly is the way to go, since it can be reused.  I would also think the truck count would be much higher, more like 1000 per day.

So your guess is it's more of a logistics thing?


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