I just recieved notice from BP thanking me for one of ideas I submitted for control of well. They informed me that they were ALREADY considering what I suggested. Cause to wonder? Now I will wait to learn if they implement it. Perhaps I was day late and $ short. I have couple of ideas pending review. Anyone else with similar experience?

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Yesterday I recieved 2 e-mails from Horizon Support Team acknowledging reciept of 2 ideas I submitted. They did address me by name this time and wrote that they would review ideas soon and inform me of disposition of same.

Could it be that someone at BP might have actually looked at this site and read some of our comments?

I would appreciate hearing from anyone else who might have sent ideas to BP hotline.
Apparently BP is putting together that perfect team of 12 very smart GoHaynesvilleshale.com guys headed by Aubrey C. Sanders.
My contribution, for your trip.....a DVD of Bruce Willis and Liv Tyler's "Armageddon" featuring AeroSmith's Steven Tyler singing "I don't want to miss a thing".
They saved the world!!!
Go to Fox News, Huckabee has people on tonight that have solutions to the spill.
Thanks, Cheerleader for your kind thoughts and words. We might not save the world, but with us all working together maybe we can help save the best part of the world!
CNBC announced this morning that BP has a "new plan". Maybe its one of Aubrey's ideas.
They also did a demonstration of "seal sand" which was interesting. Someone may want to explain "seal sand" to the group.
This is something I am not familiar with. Sometimes when flowing a newly completed well back at full capacity the oil may be transporting a large amount of sand from producing formation. This can form a bridge plug in tubing and cutoff the oil flow. Now, if the flow rate could be reduced sand should start to drop out and perhaps form such plug.

Now, will someone in the know explain to us what this procedure? may be ?
a couple of interesting links i found. the first one is the deep water horizon response command center website and the second is a link to a page giving insight to the process by which ideas are submitted and reviewed.



Thanks king john. I have submitted several suggestions to deepwaterhorizonresponse site and have been informed ideas are under review. I still have others I have not submitted and think I should go to La. and evaluate them myself. I may do that soon. Should have done sooner, but they have a long way to go.

I have submitted ideas on their forms and by phone to Houston number.


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