I received the first Rockcliff royalty check for 2018.  It had NO natural gas royalty income.  Just oil.   Does anyone have any insight into this.  thanks, jh

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Hi Jack,

All of our families checks were for oil only also.  I spoke to another friend on the Forum and he said his check included NG.  Hopefully they will get it cleared up next month.


I’m Kathy’s amigo mentioned above but after receiving my first Rockcliff rev. chk. (dated 2/7/18) I need to make a correction. I had told her that I was being paid per an EnergyLink email for NG production on 1 Gregg & 2 Rusk county properties. The actual Rockcliff pay stub is for oil production only, my bad as the millennials say. Samson’s last (perhaps?) 12/17 rev. pymnt was for NG, condensate & NGL but not oil, sorry for the mis-information.

MB Glister... no problem. 

I wanted to check and see if anyone else got a response from Rockcliff about not paying for NG on the first check in the Samson to Rockcliff transition.  We never got a response from our email. Kathy

Kathy I didn't consider sending them an email yet but will do so & post the response or lack of here.

Hi M. B., We had included our question about NG not being included in our check with our attached information for direct deposit, so maybe it got lost in the shuffle.  Hopefully we will all get corrected checks cut on Wednesday.Thanks for the reply. Kathy



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