Any production information on this well?

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Well came on line 12/24.  12/2010 - 158000,   1/2011 - 409000,  2/2011 292000.  Rounded up on an MCF basis.


this well is not listed on Sonris . as you are showing it
I didn't look on Sonris.  What do they have. 
I need a serial#

Any monthly prod figures for this well's sister Rocking G Farms 31H, 31-11-12 DeSoto?

Are 30h's numbers a good, better or best producing well? What about 31H?

Yep there is.  Just not sure if they have posted on Sonris.  Came on 12/29 and produced(MCF) 46915.  1/2011- 377007 and 2/2011- 283660.  Both sisters are doing well it seems.  no down time yet.

Both are really good producers.  They have both had a few 20000+MCF days.  Did they drill these (30 & 31)from the same pad?

Pelican, both wells drilled from same pad in Section 31.  Wells are ~ 46 ft apart.
I had expected to see  a drop in the production by month but these 2 really show it! The drop off from Jan to Feb is very dramatic. I wonder if these are on a low choke to stabilize the production?
Check the Well Test section of the SONRIS Lite Well File to see the choke sizes by date.
Nothing on Sonris re: prod or choke. I thought maybe since Pelican had the prod numbers he may have info on the choke also.
While the subject is the southern portion of T11,R12, I think I'll fish around and see if any of the locals have any knowlege of the Green 34, in T11N, R12W.  The well is right on the outskirts of the town of Pelican.  XTO/Exxon is the Operator of this well.  I was on the pad a couple weeks ago and the well appeared to have been frac'ed (there was frac sand on the pad) but did not appear to be flowing.  There was a travel trailer on the pad with a pick-up parked in front but no one came to the door when I knocked.  Can anyone tell me if this well is flowing to sales, and if so, any particulars?  It should make a good well.


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