Any production information on this well?

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From my experience with Shell/EnCana, I have seen their wells go up and down a lot. Some problems have  to do with the Hydrolics of the gathering line and delivery constraints to transmissions lines.  I have seen some of their wells stay around 10-15 Mcf for a few months while others start off at 20+ and creep down slightly.  I have seen many produce low and then go up over time.  If I were to graph their wells it would make you dizzy.

I don't see the drop you see in the two rocking g's.  The 30 averaged 12.7/d in Jan and in feb 10.3.  The feb low is because they worked on in a couple of days. I missed that in my earlier comment.  Damn good well

The 31 averaged 11.7/d in jan and 9.7 in feb.  In feb, they had it also shut in for a day or so for work.

Both of these are great wells, expecially as a whole compared to all of the Olympia system wells of theirs.  Steady as they go. 

Where are you finding the production figures, I can't find them anywhere?

What is the Olympia system?

Pelican, I'm still looking for info on Section 34 of 11/12.  The well is on the outskirts of the town of Pelican.  It is operated by XTO.  I'm mainly wondering if it is flowing to sales, but if you happened to know the IP, that would be nice also.

I have no info about XTO.
I heard they are waiting on pipeline                                                                                                                                         i

I wonder if the pipeline is either Enterprise or CEFS.  I didn't think  XTO has their own gathering system.  CEFS is really close and Enterprise is also close by.  Any guesses on who it might be? Any other gathering systems in the area?   ...unless they plan on direct connecting to an interstate pipeline in the area?

I think CEFS may pick up a few wells from  Samson Resources, QEP, Forest and few CHK  and EOG wells.

Thank you, buckmaster

The Olympia system is any thing that Shell/Encana operate south of the Mansfield, La and including Natchitoches parish that delivers to CEFS.

The production figures may not be displayed on Sonris yet :-). If you have an interest in the well you will eventually see them and then when they are posted on Sonris lite.



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