Hello everyone.
I'm very new at all this but I need to know if anyone can tell me about additional wells in our section. Will we receive royalities from all producing wells in our section? If not, how is it determined who gets paid and who doesn't? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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dot, the majority of Haynesville Shale drilling and production units are based on sections. When the Office of Conservation approves a company's unit application, they mandate that the unit operator, directly or though the other lessees, pay all mineral interests within the unit boundary their proportional share of production for all wells drilled in the unit. It does not matter where the well surface site is located, only where the wellbore perforations are located. Nor does it matter how many wells are drilled or when they are drilled. Every Haynesville well drilled in a Haynesville unit will pay every mineral owner in that unit.
Thanks for the info. Looking on the Sonris web site there are four wells in section 34/15n/9w ( our section) and we are drawing from two but the other two we are not. Not sure where the wellbore perforastions are located but our land is right next to one of those wells so thought for sure we would be drawing from that one. Is there a site telling where those wells would be and is there a certain amount of space around the well that determine who would draw royalities from it?
You will receive royalties from all wells in your unit.

The unit for each well and all pertinant info is on SONRIS.
Thanks. The well closest to our land has been producing since last Nov. but we are not receiving money even though it is in the same section. Hard for me to understand.
Out of those four wells, two were drilled north into section 27 and two were drilled south into section 34. You would only be receiving royalties from the two wells that were drilled into your section, which would be 34. On Sonris, you can access the boring direction of the wells on the interactive map. Congratulations on your well. It made it into the Hall of Fame (J Woodard 34-15-9 H Serial#239653). Hope the next one does as well.
Thanks! Where do I go on Sonris for the interaction map?
On the Sonris main page, there is a menu on the left hand side. Go down until you see GIS Access and it will be the next item, Interactive Maps. Go ahead and click it and the map will come up. You need to use it and get familiar with all of the neat things it can do. Have fun.
The well info screen will also have the pbhl
This helps a lot. Thanks so much. I really appreciate all of you!
We are showing quite a few wells in section 34. Some have been producing since 1968. How is it determined who gets royalities? The section is the same but the townships are different. And, how do we know if they are not getting gas from our section?
The section is the same but the townships are different.

If the townships are different, the sections can not be the same, ie. every township has a Section 1 but they are not the same section 1. You need to go to the archives and download a township/section grid. Not only will it make the difference clear, it is a good way to keep track of the development in your area.
Dot, this is what I posted in response to Charles

Only Section 34 in T15N-R9W is relevant as I believe that is where your land is located.

Sonris shows only two wells currently producing in that Section 34 (T15N-R9W).

Serial #235217 has been producing from the CV RB SUBB unit since June 2007

Serial #239653 has been producing from the HA RA SU62 unit since October 2009

Serial #241203 was just spud in July.

I have attached an example of the sections in each Township-Range.


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