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I'm very new at all this but I need to know if anyone can tell me about additional wells in our section. Will we receive royalities from all producing wells in our section? If not, how is it determined who gets paid and who doesn't? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Jim, yes - anyone with royalty interest in Section 34 of T15N-R9W should have began receiving royalty checks associated with Ser #239653 sometime in 2010. The well had produced almost 2.3 Bcf thru May.

Yes- each unit in Section 34 should have a separate LUW because the mineral ownership interests could be different. So the Cotton Valley should have a separate LUW from the Haynesville Unit.
I believe there's a time limit on claiming royalties. If they "accidentally" don't pay you for royalties or pay the wrong person, you only have a certain amount of time to make your claim for that month, or you're out of luck.

Does anyone know the correct answers and time limit for claiming royalties?

It wouldn't hurt to call the operator and ask about royalty payments on that well. If you get the runaround, you may need someone to help you, but you might get it straightened out over the phone.

SONRIS leads you to this page with phone numbers for QEP energy. http://sonlite.dnr.state.la.us/sundown/cart_prod/cart_con_orgad?p_o...

QEP's web site has some owner relations contact info here:
Phone: 801-324-2768

Don't be surprised if the phone droid plays dumb about which well it is, and want you to provide them with their own internal name for the well. They should be able to find it from the SONRIS number, but may make you play games with Parish, Township, Range, Section, address, the name "J Woodward 34-15-9 H," and possibly the Unit name "HA RA SU62 in Woodardville Field." If you do finally pin them down, be sure to get the name/number that QEP knows the well by.

Note QEP is apparently a company spun off of Questar Energy. We've got to keep this as confusing as possible.

To make it worse, you may have to go through the same runaround for the "Cotton Valley" well, since it's a different unit. Luckily, it's also QEP, so they should be able to straighten it out together. That well's been producing since 2007, so they should have found you by now if you own minerals there.

http://sonlite.dnr.state.la.us/sundown/cart_prod/cart_con_wellinfo2... HA RA SU62;J WOODARD 34-15-9 H
My limited understanding of the royalty issue is this: they are only held to the last ten years (unless of course there are extenuating circumstances - usually an attorney is involved). The other out is if the royalties were placed into suspension due to being unable to locate the owner - I am not sure if they try.

I think the answer may be different between "couldn't locate the owner/didn't pay anyone" and "payed the wrong person, legitimate owner didn't make a demand for payment despite the production info being publicly available."
Is there a place where I can look up the unitization for thh CV units. Particularly interested in 12N-16W sections 27-30. And 11N-16W sections 3, 10 and 11. Thanks, Jim
Jim, you can find all units on Sonris.
Jim, I can tell you this about the sections you are talking about,there has been production for 70 or 80 years so title will be very complicated as to the mineral end. When you may have 500 people, with 400 of them dead, and the description of the property is a 10 foot by15 foot parcel of land that lies between J.R. Johnson and C.W. Jones, then you got a puzzel that Dick Tracey couldn't solve. I worked with a O&G Lawyer for around 5 years, until his death, he had worked for Shell as a higher up for their inshore operations. He told me that Shell had spent more than 3 million on finding the heirs of Jean Laffite. I understood that Jean had a much larger tract than the 10X15 between Johnson and Jones.
Thanks a bunch, this was a very helpful learning tool!
Hi, We have been told that we will not get royalities from well #1. If they are draining gas from our section why do they not have to pay?
Dot, please carify which well you are discussing as there are two Well #1's with surface locations in Section 34.

The J Woodward 34 #H1 Well (Ser #239653) is completed and producing gas from Section 34 and you should receive royalties from this well.

The J Woodard 27 #H1 Well (Ser #239627) has a surface location in Section 34 but is completed and producing from Section 27. You will not receive royalties from this well.

A second well is currently being drilled in Section 34 (J Woodard 34 #H2A Well - Ser #241203) but is not yet producing.
I see what you mean. The section I was confused with is the #1 well in section 27 and we won't get royalities from that one.
That well is labeled #4 on my map. It shares a surface location with well #1 on my map, so it's doubly confusing.


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