These are 320 acre drilling and production units in Sections 29 & 32 - 9N - 13W and Section 36 - 9N - 14W.

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IMO, it's okay.  The ultimate deciding factor will be decline.  We'll have to review cumulative production over time.  I looked over the potential report while I was at the District 6 office this afternoon.  You data is correct.  The oil is API Gravity 38 degree.

I had heard the well was inconclusive which I did not understand but after reading the above, the decline factor must have been the reason.


Does anyone have any update on 244417?  I had high hopes for this first shallow well.

The well has not been flowing long enough to have reported production.  We will need to see six months or so of production to make a fair determination.

Samson posted allowable and potential for last half of 2012. Interesting that allowable remains at 900 & estimated potential at 259. I wonder if this big difference has anything to do with the testing being inconclusive.

Allowable:  the amount of gas or oil that a regulatory agency permits a well, lease or field to produce during a period of time such as a month.


Potential test:  a test that measures the maximum amount of fluids or gas that a well can produce in 24 hours.


How does the agency determine the allowable?

Thanks Skip. In addition to your excellent information, you do a lot to keep my feet reasonably planted on the ground! :)

You're welcome.  IMO, it is better to have the facts than to rely on speculation wherever it is possible.

How often will there be an production update on SONRIS?



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