Received an offer from San Saba for my mineral rights.  Does anyone have any experience with this company?

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Sorry Mr. Peel, just saw your message to Kathy S.  As much as you have helped people on this website for years, I will happily send you a copy of mine, if you wish. 

Thank you, Phillip.

Good Evening,

Just to keep folks informed, I received a "bank draft" from San Saba Royalty Company.  Offered $6,400 for 0.000997 net interest in Ironosa (San Augustine Co.).  Seems like a fair price considering the last royalty check was for $10.

Just over 60% of the Production Sharing Agreements were signed and I received a call from a landman, so I'm thinking San Saba is accumulating interests in anticipation that the "extended lateral" well will be drilled in the near term.  Anticipated production increase justifies the offer? Why wouldn't Aethon be willing to pay something for the Production Sharing Agreement? 





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