Fellas, my well came in, out of my 3, this seems like the weakest.  Can u please look at two things for me.  Is the choke wide open?? Cause on sonris they change the choke to 80 like a month later.  Second, i see my well has a crap load of water coming out, like 700 barrels a day, i know that is not good.  Please evaluate for me throughly so i can relay what you say to my family. Thanks for everything, merrychristmas,  God save our coast....

   YLO,(getting older)

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I agree with Jay.  Congratulations on your well.

YLO, this well is performing very similar to the other Chesapeake wells in the area.  Their test results on Sonris just did not include the water production rate.  The water rate will decline over time as the frac water is recovered and probably will flatten out at some low rate.



Chesapeake, Woolley 8 #H1 Well, Serial #241060, S8-T16N-R15W, Caddo Parish, 12192 Mcfd, 22/64" Choke, 5522 psi Flowing Pressure


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