Noticed that I haven't heard the noise of the rig for a few days and discovered that the rig is gone. There seems to be only one well-head instead of 2 ( one for Sec 6, another for Sec 1). I have read about the companies drilling just to keep the lease. Just wondering if anyone knows of this happening in our area.

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I guess you could say I got the same "normal" check. I too wondered what happened to June production. Just keep 'em coming.

And Deborah, I have called JW three times and they keep directing my question to different departments and I have no answer yet. The check that I received Friday was issued by QEP. I don't know if that answers my question or not. The lady at JW said they have to work with "partners" sometimes to efficiently get the minerals out.

Does anyone know why some crews have been in Ringgold? I heard someone say QEP was "downsizing" rigs. Not sure what this means.

XTO has been drilling a well just to the Northwest of Ringgold.

Not sure that answered my question, lol, but am glad they are drilling another well.

Farmer, "downsizing" is not a term used in the industry so it's not exactly clear what the rumor referred to specifically.  Quite possibly it refers to the fact that QEP has no rigs running in Bienville currently.  In fact no rigs are reported drilling for QEP anywhere in the area covered by my Ark-La-Tex weekly rig report.

Reviewing QEP drilling in Bienville, their last well spud in June, 2011.  After that date they had permits to drill for 9 additional wells and all those permits have expired.  There has been no activity as far as new drills for a long time.

Thanks Skip, the person who told me that must have misunderstood the term they were using.


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