Please explain the process and function of a 3-D seismic survey.

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Three shoots layered over each other in a computer. I may be wrong but I am not a seismic person or scientist.
Not quite 2 dogs. shoot seismic lines in relative close grid that allows a geophysicist to look at the seismic reflectors in three dimensions. It enhances the image and allows the geo to image productive horizons. Seismic is basically a recording of sound waves induced into the earth. The waves are run through sophisticated computer programs and processed into a product that can be interepreted by the scientists. They use it to idenitify the structure of the subsurface rocks, beds, etc. By doing so they can identify potential oil/gas traps, map out where the formations are/are not, where faults are, etc. That's my engineering version.
Or they use vibration created by a machine...called VibroSeis. Depends on the "lay of the land"
If you are already leased why wouldn't the company who has the lease do the seismic tests?
They could have 6 D with 6 shoots.
Don't want to divert the discussion, but I have a question as to how long it takes for the seismic data to be processed, once it is collected in the field?

If a seismic company shoots a 3 D seismic Survey ( 9 point area ) which consists of about a 3-4 mile area, how long would it take to process the data once it's collected?

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Seismic date will be interpreted by a geophycisist. The data is fairly abstract and worthless without a good geophysicist. Different geophysicists may even have different interpretations of the same data.

All of this information is still a little on the technical side for me. What I want to know is what do I expect to take place on my property and how long does the survey generally take? I am assuming the survey is done with little scopes mounted on tripods, but I don't really know. Will there be any digging or tree removal involved? Will allowing this survey allow access for an extended period to time?
Well what happened in our area is as follows. Approximately a year ago after we had signed a $25/acre contract, the first thing that happened was a crew of guys, riding 4 wheelers, arrived equipped with GPS units. They mapped the entire area down to the smallest rabbit trail. As they moved through the area they marked it with various colored ribbons indicating "hot spots". After this things slowed down until about 5 months ago when the crews came through drilling the blast wholes and inserting the explosives. Approximately 2 months ago the next crew came through shooting the lines where the geophones were to be placed, they also chopped the brush and small trees out of the way. About a week ago the next crew, using helecopters came through and began deploying the geophones and have now begun blasting. There is alot that has happened behind the scenes I am sure, but that is what we have personally observed here.
Thank you for sharing that site with me. So now I know what to expect. Don't know if I want any blasts on my property.


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