Interested in area H1 in Shelby County. Can we expect to be contacted about MINERAL OR OIL PROSPECTS. leased out To Anadarko at this point.  I think that may have an automatic renewal clause but hasn’t been doin nothin. I must get the papers out and dust them off. Any replies certainly welcome and a big happy howdy to the folks on the list. 

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Linda, I think you have received no replies to your discussion because no one can figure out "area H1".  In each drilling unit, wells are given numbers.  H1 would be the first Haynesville well in a unit.  Without a unit name and operator or mention of the survey where your minerals are located, no one knows where the heck you are in Shelby County.  :-)

Linda, Skip is correct. There is nothing in your query as posted with which to narrow down a location. Just the descriptor "H1" does tell me that you are probably talking about an XTO well because they are the only operator I know of who puts the "H" first in the well number. That means the location is somewhere in the south half of Shelby County but that is as close as I can get. I need more information.



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