I can't believe that we are even considering giving/loaning our hard earned tax dollars to companies that have continually made poor choices.

There is a reason why Honda, Toyota, BMW, Nisson, and Mecedes-Benz are building plants in this country and GM, Ford, and Chrysler are closing theirs.

Let them go itno Bankruptcy and I bet they emerge stronger than ever before.

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When you look at a pro like a M.J., you can tell by the marketing success and memorabilia sales/ticket sales that he is worth( In the eyes of team ownership at least ) what he is being paid. I dont fully understand this concept either but it has to be worth it for the teams to stay afloat. On the other side of the coin, what exactly are the $20,000,000 CEO's doing for their squad ?
There isnt enough money to throw at all of our problems. I just dont think spraying perfume on a skunk is going to make that smell disappear for very long.Until a better plan of attack has been drafted for the auto industry I am afraid there isnt going to be any help from Sam.

Good luck to you and yours. Hopefully things will start picking back up a lttle quicker than they say or it really wont matter much anyway.
90,000 people don't buy tickets to watch you build cars. If your lucky, the car you build sells at a profit.

Ohh, don't forget the 10 million watching the game on TV, and the 10 million listening on the radio.....
atheletes don't get rich off what they can do, they get rich off what people will pay to see them do.
just ask musicians.

The jazz players on bourban street don't do so well, but Kenny G......

It's all about what someone else thinks your worth.
If that happens it seems like that would be a step in the right direction. They could reinvent themselves all over to be more competive with the foreign makers without all that bagage. Bankruptcy would allow GM to throw out the union contracrs.
Quoteed from Worldnetdaily.com Ask president Bush a Question forum :

Leave a Legacy
Posted by Po Boy on Nov 20, 2008 00:18

Mr President,
Bank failures, automaker failing,$100 Billion in handouts to what effect? Think about the Immediate and historic impact of the simplest and Cheapest solution-send EVERY individual taxpayer a one time $100,000 check and let them buy them selves out of debt. This payment would be exempt from Federal Income tax, but not from State.
Immediate effect on credit institutions, car sales, consumer confidence,plus it would buy the state s breathing room as welfare, food stamps,medicare, and social security demands diminished at the same time sales and income tax receipts increased.
This could be implemented by Executive Order as there is no reasonable doubt we are facing an Economic National Emergency.
Such a courage step could ONLY be done by a Republican.
Leave a Legacy,Sir.and save our Republic.

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wpt9452, if your position within the company is repetitious by nature, do you ever concern yourself with being replaced by automation? Even if your position were not automated, another position might be. That other position might be operated by a senior worker, allowing them to take charge of your position.If the DAI is to be granted a "loan", do you think there would be restrictions as to how that money is to be spent? If so, do you think trimming the workforce would be appropriate, and replaced with automated machines, would provide less risk towards repayment of that "loan"? would you continue to support the company, even if your position within the company remained to be in jeopardy? Correct me if I am wrong, but it is the Union which keeps your job secure. If that union were not in place, would you be more or less worried about your presence with the company?

The DAI relies on the abilities of its supporting industries. If those companies were to fall victim to the economy downfall, and were unable to remain in business, would the DAI also be burdened? While the governmental "loan" might revive the DAI, it does not protect the other industries which the DAI relies upon. Would we (taxpayers) need to provide assistance to all those other support companies, as a means to protect the "loan"? Claims have been made that the failure to approve the "loan" to the DAI would have a long list of negative repercussions. The same impact can face the "loan" money, as we (the taxpayers) would need to invest more and more money into those support companies, or else risk the DAI not being able to pay back the money. At what price tag are we expected to draw the line?
Well .KB. the entities in line for "bail-outs" are seeking what is estimated to totl 3$TRILLION dollars when all is said and done, and you saw how much effect the first $7oobillion has already done. Though it is unlikely the government would ever trust US with OUR money,this simplistic approach would actually cost less and work immediately. Who knows , Maybe logic wnd government could briefly occuoy the same space for a brief moment without disrupting the fabric of the Universe.
Just thought it was time to bring this back up. Even after a bailout, GM says it may still have tfile for Chapter 11. Just Great, talk about throwing billions down th drain, they are still closing plants and laying off workers, what was the point in getting the government involved.
It is time for them to be forced to declare bankruptcy. They can then reorganize. We don't need to give them or AIG one more penny.
I love America but I haven't bought an American made car in more than 20 years. I want an automobile that will last until I can get it paid off! My Japanese cars have never given me a minutes trouble. They retained their value and I was able to drive several of them in excess of three-hundred thousand miles before trading them in for another Japanese car.
The Baron:

"Just Great, talk about throwing billions down th drain, they are still closing plants and laying off workers, what was the point in getting the government involved."

Amen, amen, amen.

The auto bailout was really a UAW bailout.

I believe that GM makes great cars, so does Chrysler. My sincere hope is that if they (GM) will go the bankruptcy route they can come out the other side as a lean, mean car making machine. Otherwise, their costs are such that they will NEVER be competitive.... and they will ultimately disappear.
Hey Jay, I am with you, I have a 1999 Z-71 with 300,000 miles and I wouldn't trade it for nothing. It has been paid for for years. My go cart has a Chrysler name but all Mercedes parts.


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