I can't believe that we are even considering giving/loaning our hard earned tax dollars to companies that have continually made poor choices.

There is a reason why Honda, Toyota, BMW, Nisson, and Mecedes-Benz are building plants in this country and GM, Ford, and Chrysler are closing theirs.

Let them go itno Bankruptcy and I bet they emerge stronger than ever before.

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And all that is is payback to the UAW for all the Democratic votes.

Notice who the only person at the table with GM that isn't willing to give up anything? UAW. Well, in a few years, the UAW will be the only person at the table as GM will be gone. Then who is the UAW going to extort from?

Declare bankruptcy, have a judge tear up the UAW contract, and start over again. Toyota, Hyundai, Nissan are profitable here building cars in the U.S., so why not GM and Ford? Hint: UAW contracts!
You know Mark, many don't understand just how far the UAW contracts extend. I had a friend that would go up and work as an electrician on the plants. He was paid more than $80 an hour. He would only work a few months and take off the rest of the year to hunt and fish.
GONE.....in a cloud of smoke
some positive rumors that are floating around about the local GM plant are:
That this plant will make the natural gas powered Silverado or
that this plant will make a small nat. gas powered car. These are the first positive rumors I have heard about the plant for a long time. Supposedly the announcements will come this week, so we shall see
Hope you are right kitty.
It's called a recession folks, they should have to plant their own turnips and beans, just like us.


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