I own a partial interest in Section 17-15N-14W

In the past few weeks I have received several solicitations from companies interested in buying my mineral rights. Is something happening down there? New production coming on line, perhaps? Sonris Lite doesn't seem to show any change in status.

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would be interested to hear who the top paying buyer is. you could email me at ghable1234@gmail.com

Mr. Able, not offense intended but I would like to point out that Keith set up the site icons to indicate those who are industry members and those who are not.  Industry members have a star in their site avatar.  I think this provides a basic level of transparency beneficial to members.

Just took my reply off. I DON'T buy minerals. Was just sharing info that worked for me.

confused Skip..... please DM at email in my message to discuss if possible

Huston, on your personal page there should be an option for your avatar.  Click on "My Page" at the top of any site page and check out the options for how you set up your member page.  If you need help, send me a friend request and I will post instructions on your page.



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