I find it somewhat odd that there has never been any flowback information on this well posted on sonris. The dates and intervals for the frac stages are there but not an iota of information about flowback rates. It almost seems that they did not flow it back. Has anyone heard any reliable information? Thanks!

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Wonder who put out the word? It is just very odd that they did not file a completion report with the state. I think that you are required to file a report whenever you test a well.

Not that odd.  Placing a well in Status 31 basically puts it into reporting limbo.  Doesn't require a completion report unless it is "turned to sales".  The status report was effective 7/29/19.  I have seen numerous wells completed but not turned to sales listed as Status 31 long after the original reporting date.  Many months, sometimes years.

Thanks Skip. Interesting. I have looked at a lot of wells on sonris and I can't say that I've ever seen a status 31 well. Guess I'm not looking in the right places. 

It still seems a little odd that they didn't just report the results of the test or say unsuccessful completion. EOG has a reputation for obfuscation. Maybe they were embarrassed. 

You're welcome, Mike.  If you look in the right places you will see numerous Status 31 wells.  It has become a widely used code that doesn't always mean what the definition implies. I think that Jay is likely correct and taken with the lack of observable activity by EOG reinforces the company's lack of interest in pursuing their matrix approach in the LA AC.

The TMS wells that EOG drilled in Avoyelles Parish several years ago were reported as 31 and stayed that way for a long time. Investors will bale on you when you report bad results. Look what happened to Halcon back then.


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