SWEPCO - Emergency request - Tuesday and Wednesday, July 14-15

This doesn't really fit in any of the O&G categories but SWEPCO is requesting all its Louisiana customers to limit the use of electricity as much as possible today and tomorrow - they're saying there is a very real chance of brownouts because of the unusual demand.

If the situation worsens, they're also saying they may have to shutdown electricity to different areas for possibly 2-hour periods.

Right now the request is to raise A/C thermostats and be particularly conscious of extra lights being on, limit dryer use, etc.

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I wonder how much energy it would save if everyone just unplugged what they've got at home that consumes electricity while in a passive mode? The microwave is consuming energy to run the clock, same with the DVD players & TV's. The alarm clocks. Game machines, cell phone chargers, any appliances you've got that are computerized like a diswasher with a timer, then there's office equipment (faxes, printers, etc.). Anything that blinks & winks is using energy.

Wonder how much energy it would save, too, if we shut down a few annoying traffic lights between Southfield & Bert Kouns. :0)
wonder if this is swepcos way of saying they really need that arkansas plant, so back of enviromentalist.
Electro - Not that it will help with brown out threats, but specifically which plants serve the S'port. / NW LA area?

Thanks :0)
Electro - Thanks for those details. :0)
Some things that might help.

Close off the AC vents in unused rooms.

Turn the temperature down at night then back up. Air conditioners are more efficient when the outside air is cooler. You may "catch up" a bit and remove more humidity, making it more comfortable even if the temp isn't lower. There's probably less power usage at night, too.

Use a window unit in just your bedroom at night. I've always thought modern houses should be built with a standard size window AC hole in each exterior room. Cooling just the room your in can save a lot of electricity or money. Being able to adjust the temperature in each room independently can help, too. It's a lot easier and cheaper to swap out a window unit than a central air system. Plus having one unit out of several break leaves you with a much more livable house.

Unplugging unused devices, such as wall warts is a good thing, but it doesn't make a big percentage difference.
I ve got a great idea. Lets get rid of everything that uses electricity, fuel of any sort, and anything that might cause global warming, cause polar bears to worry, or might hurt the ozone. After all, the porky pine carribeau are to stupid to go around an oilwell field. Lets quit complaining about brown outs and move into mud huts and wear grass skirts and animal skins, oops, not animal skins after all they ( animals ) have the right to be miserable just like the rest of us. This is a fine mess the tree hugger wackos have gotten us in to. And lets give a big round of applause to the eletist democrats on capital hill who think hard working americans dont work hard enough and need to pay more of there hard earned money in taxes. After all they are trying to fix the brown outs by taxing energy to the point where us common folk cant afford it. CAP AND TRADE. There are consequinces in elections.
I think your response to this discussion is totally uncalled for. This is not a political discussion. Your response is totally off topic and unwarrented. If you want to argue about the issues you mentioned, I suggest you vist the potitical group. Then I won't have to listen to you.
Harvey - HUH???
Somebody please help me understand this a little better. I have lived here my whole life and never heard of a brown out. But now in this modern day of conserving energy, we don't have enough to go around.
Population is growing faster than generation capacity. I've lived here almost my whole life too, but then Southeast Shreveport was a cotton field!


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