Swepi (SHELL OIL) and their phenominal Haynesville Shale track record!

This has been touched on a little bit lately, but I believe it deserves a great deal more attention. I have seen Chesapeake and other operators cussed and discussed on this web site hundreds, maybe thousands of times. However, the one operator that few people talk about, but should probably have more disdain by the mineral owners of Northwest Louisiana IMHO is Shell Oil, you know......ROYAL DUTCH SHELL.......one of the largest international oil companies in the world.......probably the company with the deepest pockets of any company operating in the Haynesville....you know......that company operating under the code name SWEPI ( if I had their track record, I'd want a code name to operate under too) We have 10,000 or so members on this web site. I'd like to pole the membership to find out how many members (and non-members too for that matter) have actually received a royalty check from this company. I would like to know how many members are proud of leasing to
Swepi. I would like to hear from the folks who are happy with the way Shell Oil is developing their mineral estate. I would like to hear from people that think taking over a year to lay a pipeline to a well in their section is a bit much since the other operators seem to be able to do it in a matter of weeks. I would like to hear from folks who think it is rediculous to take 4-6 months to drill a Haynesville well, while he other operators have cut the time to drill down to 40-45 days. I would like to talk to a mineral owner who doesn't think that Sir whatever his name is over in Europe should fire the whole team in charge of the Haynesville and replace them with a group who has some idea what they are doing. My personal perspective is that Shell (SWEPI) should either get serious about developing the Haynesville or sell it to Encana and get the hell out. Who out there even knows where Shell's Field office is anyway? Do they even have one? I've never walked a picket line in my life, but in an effort to embarrass this large International Oil Company based on their incompetence, I'd be willing to walk that one!..............if I knew where they were!

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lauranthalas says wells plural, jay says one producing, singular. and poorly, at that.
lauranthalas also says "the real money will come from the production of the gas." Do folks get paid to have gas produced but not turned to sales? 80)
All gas is accounted for, and royalties are based on the flowback ( called shut-in money)- so yes, people still get paid, although at a lower rate. All the information regarding the wells should be available on the LA DNR website, since the company is publically traded and I believe the state requires it.
Yeah, I read in this thread about the shut-in money. 80)
that's where you're mistaken... since you apparently can't be bothered to look for yourself or otherwise have information from another source, i verified what i already knew, and that is shalegeo knows what he's talking about re: the info available on sonris.

you speak of production, but where is it?
You might know more than we do. According to sonris (the LA DNR website), only the original SWEPI Murray 31 well is producing, and it is not a horizontal well with a long lateral. Maybe you know more, and SWEPI is just slow to report to sonris. So, I'm all ears, if you can share some info with us.
BTW - Do the MO's consider it to be "the real money" to be paid shut-in? Just saying ...

Are you an employee of Swepi because you have the speech down pat?!?!?!
lauranthalas, approximately how long have you worked for Shell? Are those the same reasons it takes them a year to build a pipeline to their completed wells. If you are not a Shell employee or married to one, please take the time to go to Sonris and review each and every well that they have drilled since the beginning, as I have taken the time to do and see if you still have the same opinion. Also, exactly how many rigs does this "one of the largest companies in the world" currently have running in what is obviously one of the largest fields in North Averica?
And since SWEPI has not yet reported the six wells you refer to the DNR website, called SONRIS, but you clearly know the info about the six wells, why don't you share the info regarding names, IP, flowing pressure, choke size, etc with us as a gesture of goodwill and concern for your royalty owners. As an aside, how many wells does Swepi have in the Haynesville that are actually in pay?
If you don't think that SWEPI deserves to be the laughing stock of the operators in the Haynesville........continue to make your case............I'll be happy to admit I was wrong.
Right after the oil bust in California in the early 80's the majors were looking for ways to cut their costs. they decided to layoff the company workers and do all of their maintenance with contractors. They wouldn't have to pay all the company benefits and retirement for these folks. I believe SWEPI started up in Bakersfield after Shell bought the Belridge field in Bakersfield. At the time it was like a Billion or two and everybody couldn't believe that Shell paid that much money for a heavy oil, half depleted field. Turned out they ended up with a bunch of San Joaquin Valley farmland. Well farming was huge tax write off for Shell. They increased production and it paid for itself after a few years. Shell did keep production operators and key staff. The guy that sold the field to Shell at the time was in his 80's or 90's and lived in Beverly hills. When he would come out to the lease all the employees would park their vehicles along the airstrip and stand and wait for the old man to fly in and land the leer jet. The pilots would get out first and stand in their gold coats and then he would get out. It was pretty cool.
Try this one 872-9058.


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