Tanos Exploration II acquires ConoPhillips interest in Webster & Bienville parish, Ada Field

My sister and I have mineral interest in wells drilled and operated by ConocoPhillips in sections 21,22,26,27,28,33 & 34-18N-8W and sections 3 & 4-17N-8W in Ada field, SE part of Webster parish.  We  just found out ownership has changed to Tanos Exploration II but not sure of exact date of transaction.  We received our last royalty check dated 4-25-16 from ConocoPhillips for February production of natural gas.   Is this a positive move for us and other mineral owners in this area for future production and exploration?

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I forgot to mention that API#'s are very important in keeping tract of what you see.

The API has series of numbers:

The first 2 are the state code;

The next three are the county code;

The last 5 are the well number.

I'm attaching a list of the codes for all 50 states.

With the API # you can immediately identify the state and county of the well.

Plug it into the Texas RRC database and it will spit out a hyperlink to all information/instrument/form on record for the well.


I just received a division order from Tanos.  Davis -S #15 ; Hoss SU X.   Webster Parish

I received a 13-cent check today from Tunderbird Resources for a well that has not produced (according to the check details) since 2012.  An accompanying letter states Thunderbird sold its asset to Tanos II, LLC... Tyler, Texas.  All very interesting...and I do NOT plan on depositing the check.  For a whole mess of reasons... one of which... its rights to the alleged lease.  Any help would be much appreciated!

Can tell u Tanos and previous owners. Information on lease records, deducts are impossible to get. They promise to fix problems and don't. Under staffed for size acquisitions they made and big one recently.


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