Wanted to announce the birth of our son, Keith Michael Mauck, Jr. Keith Jr was born on March 7th and weighed in at 6lbs and 6oz. Just a little guy. He and mom are both doing well. Very excited to have a son to compliment our 2 beautiful daughters. Indeed, we are blessed.



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With a participating interest, huh?

OH CONGRATULATIONS !!!!   dance and rejoice JR.  Keith and Anna et al. such a GIFT.  Wahoooooo.


Congratulations !!! You are blessed indeed. Parenting that little guy will be a piece of cake compared to those lprecious little girls. He is very handsome!

Cngratulations! many happy years ahead for you and Anna.



Congratulations Keith, Mom  Hes a cutie.. Sherry and phillip Mobley  Wonderful things come in small packages.
Congrtats, Keith and Anna! May he continue to be the blessing his arrival brought!
Awwwww! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! And GOD BLESS your family! :)
Congratulations!  He is so precious!


Hang in there, re, lack of sleep...ya know it'll get better with time.

Does he have his own ipad and smart phone yet...how about his own domain and website?  ;-)

No no, he needs to reach the ripe age of 3 before he gets an ipad and 5 before his domain name. lol.


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