I could use some advice from the gurus of this group. My family was contacted by a Landman about our royalty interest in a new horizontal gas well being drilled in East Texas. The Landman indicated that the oil company wanted all of the signatures and paperwork in place, before the drilling started. It took us several months past the well's spud date to review Grammy's probate, hire an attorney, etc. I have sent queries to both the Landman and Operator, asking if we got our legal documents to them in time. We either get no response or vague responses. They're not even responding to my attorney. Is there a more effective way to find out if we will be in a future pay deck? We don't want to tick anybody off! Thanks, in advance. 

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Is your attorney an experienced oil and gas attorney?  It matters.  If your attorney knows what he or she is doing, then the landman or the company they represented may not be legit.

Thanks for the reply Skip. It was my impression that the attorney is very experienced in O & G. I think I'll throw this ball back into his court and do a bunch more investigating of the other entities. Thanks for helping to raise some red flags. Appreciated!

Yes, trust your attorney on this one and let them communicate with the "landman"  and preferably his/her boss.


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