Three family members listed on one lease. Chesapeake wants to issue 1 check. We want 3 seperate checks.

What do I have to do to change the lease?

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I can imagine those terminology would sound a bit weird to those who's never heard of them before, huh?
Thank you Baron. The land came from my maternal grandmother's family, owned for over 100 years. When my mother passed away in 2005, my siser, my brother and myself were left equal shares of her land.
was a formal Judgment of possesion ever filed?
If a Judgement of Possession were never filed, it would seem to me that the lease would be in the name of Succession of the mother with someone as Executor, if Letters Testamentary had ever been filed, rather than the in names of the three children. Is this Louisiana or Texas?
Could be just a affavadit of heirship was filed...
No, there was no formal Judgment of possesion ever filed. My Mother had a Living Trust, I was the the Executor, that left everything to her three children. The land I'm referencing is there in Keithville, right here smack in the middle of everything.

Chesapeake isn't questioning heirship, they just don't want to issue 3 seperate checks.

Does anyone know a good, fair Title Company there in Kiethville or Shreveport? Chesapeake is saying there are going to issue the royalty check to the first named family member and that person can deal with it, dispersal, taxes and all.
I would sugest Mosley-Rodgers or United Title.
or you could leave the land alone, and just execute a mineral deed for each of the three heirs.
the O/G co. should separate the payments for TAX purposes.
without a little curative work, the O/G co is under no obligation to do so.
Thank you all for your info.


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