TIME Magazine - 4/11/2011: "This Rock Could Power The World - Why Shale Gas Can Solve The Energy Crises"





"The history of natural gas in the U.S. has been a roller-coaster ride," says Tony Meggs, a co-chair of a 2010 Massachusetts Institute of Technology gas study. "It's been up and down and up and down."


Natural gas is up now — way up — and it's changing how we think about energy throughout the world. If its boosters are to be believed, gas will change geopolitics, trimming the power of states in the troubled Middle East by reducing the demand for their oil; save the lives of thousands of people who would otherwise die from mining coal or breathing its filthy residue; and make it a little easier to handle the challenges of climate change — all thanks to vast new onshore deposits of what is called shale gas

Read more: http://www.time.com/time/health/article/0,8599,2062331,00.html#ixzz...


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Thanks for the post.  Boone Pickens was on CNN Friday touting natgas...again (video below).  I believe we're finally, finally, finally seeing some positive movement via major magazines and tv.

CNN Video

Why didn't Time include the Haynesville shale?


Lawn chemicals are more dangerous than the fracturing fluids.  People are not aware that the most common weed chemical, 2,4-D is basically "Agent Orange". This and other chemicals are continually and incorrectly applied (I have worked in the commercial/residential landscape industry for 30 years) in our neighborhoods with little or no state regulation. Children and pets (mine included) are the victims of these unnecessary toxic products.

Even though the Time article touts the benefits of natural gas, I'm still reading and hearing negative comments about hydraulic fracturing.

Why pick on the natural gas industry, a closely regulated entity that is providing many benefits to America, instead of an industry that is openly poisoning our communities?

I wonder how much it would cost NG utility companies to install public access to CNG?

Folks who have a phone pay a small fee to support 911 service, why not a small fee on gas bills to support cng access for vehicles? I would think the 911 fee would be even more expensive..

Having read through the article, I found it to be more about the potential environmental problems with drilling and fracking shale formations. There is a big media bias against fossil fuels, and it is reflected in this article. Not much real discussion about our energy needs.
The vast majority of people do not read long articles - they look at headlines and pictures  This cover of Time is as pretty as I've seen read since I got old enough to look at Playboy!


It does not matter if HS is not mentioned or that a lot of the problems are dwelt on.  Americans are problem solvers.  It's the front cover that people will see and remember.  I'm going to get a copy of the cover and frame it.




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