XTO Energy Royalty Payments

Webster Parish 

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What XTO Royalties... ours all dried up it seems... as did EXCO Royalties

The check I just received was the lowest I have ever received in 25 years.  They stated they are implementing a new system for calculating royalties.  I’ve tried calling to understand if this caused the huge drop. 

The Cotton Valley Gas Plant was down during October for a turnaround.  Was the check you refer to for October production?

Yes Skip some of mine is there.  Thank you

You're welcome.

November check was low but December was the lowest I have ever received

Your December check should be for production in October.

Same here for last October, smallest check ever... November and December haven't happened yet and normally they are 'Johnny on the spot' with deposits early in the month, never later than the 15th. 


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