I am an unleased mineral owner in Caddo Parish, Louisiana.  I received notification years ago of hearings, etc. to create a drilling unit where my property lies which is in a pretty densely populated subdivision in SE Shreveport.  Neighbors in the subdivision attempted to ban together to negotiate a favorable lease, but were unsuccessful at the time.  Using the information in this forum I checked the SONRIS Lite database for well permits in this township,range, and section as time went by.  I also watched as three wells were drilled very near my house within this section.  I contacted the operator of these wells when they completed in order to obtain the production reports, etc. 

What I've received are production reports for a completely different well which was drilled in a neighboring section.  From other notifications from the state, it would appear this well was drilled at a surface location in the neighboring section, but the the bottom of the well is in my section. 

Is there some report from SONRIS, etc.,  that would show all the wells that are producing IN my section?  I have the Unit information, but can't seem to locate a report that shows by unit. 

Also, the reports from the operator are very confusing and conflicting.  For example, in one quarterly report it showed sales of gas at $x for given months.  In the next report it showed no sales for that same previous period. 


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Here's the easiest way to know if a well (or well bottom) is in your section:

  1. Go to sonris.com
  2. In the blue column on the left, select "GIS"
  3. In the Table of Contents at the top right corner, click the "Boundaries" tab to expand it.
  4. Click the boxes next to "Townships" and "Sections" to activate them.
  5. To zoom to your section, click the picture of the binoculars that comes up under the "Sections" box you just clicked. Input your Section, Township, and Range and hit "Submit Query." Find your Section in the query results  and click the magnifying glass to the left of it.
  6. Now that you're zoomed in, go back to the Table of Contents and click the red "A" under both the Township and Section boxes clicked earlier. Each should now be labeled on the map.
  7. Click the "Oil/Gas" tab at the top of the Table of Contents to expand it.
  8. Click the boxes labeled "Oil and Gas Wells" and "Oil/Gas Well Bottom Holes and Bores."
  9. Under each of the two boxes just selected, click on the blue filter and select "Active," and (don't forget to) check the green "Apply" button. You should now see any active wells and wellbores (including permitted ones) in your section.
  10. As an extra step, if you want information on a particular well, you can go back to one the two "Oil/Gas" tabs in the Table of Contents and click the magnifying glass with a red square in it, then click-and-drag on the map. A list of all wells in the area you selected will come up. "Well Info" is basic info on the well including reported production. "Document Access" will have, among other things, the well's permit which will include a plat showing the well's surface location, lateral, and bottom-hole location.

There is another way if you know your section township and range...go to http://sonris.com/sonlite.asp

choose wells by section..township..range...(be sure to put the "n" for north after the township like say 15n....same for the range..don't forget the "w" after the the range...like 14w...

I fill  in just the township and range boxes..leaving the section box empty and the whole township will come up...that way I can see if there are any sections near by that may have new wells...

If there are any wells of interest found...click on them to view the available info..

Oops...looks like skip already posted that...

It's always gratifying to see members pass on what they have learned from others.  It's what GHS is all about.  Thanks, P.G.

Well thank you...It was you who helped me figure it out..I remember not being able to get it to work and you told me to put the "n" and "w" after the township and range numbers..


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