and have allowed until 2013 to complete the rules.



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Good ! Disclosure is best for all concerned.

Gotta love Texas politics.  The law is a sham.  It allows drillers to withhold information on chemicals they consider "proprietary." 


i.e. "You have to divulge the chemicals - unless you don't want to."


I'm sure a lot of key lawmakers will get increased bribes from the drillers for the next few years.

Be nice if the NG industry could create bigger markets for NG like the politicians do for lobby money..huh?

Sesport, those are good reasons why Texas might have written the delay into law. However, there is a better reason why a law with zero teeth was passed ...


Perhaps it's to give each side a chance to posture and raise money from advocacy groups for the upcoming election.  One side can claim "I fought Big Oil" and the side other can claim "I stood up to the environmentalists".  Then, they collect their cash.


I've seen many bills introduced and signed into law that were little more than honey pots for different sides to raise money with. Believe it or not, it happens in every legislative session in every state.




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