Unnotified Land Owners Rights and Production Amounts?

I haven't been on here in yrs. I was leased yrs ago in Caddo. My mother in-law, was never notified by the operator that they were drilling, or offered a lease. They drilled the well back in 2011, the well has been producing all these yrs. What is her rights and amount of production. She doesn't have a large track of land, and she recently received a check all of the sudden from the operator, for a few hundred dollars. What should she do, any advice thanks.

                                                                                           Thanks Bobby

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Bobby --

     Get a good Louisiana oil and gas lawyer. I used Mr. Summers  in Sheavsport for my leases in the Haynesville  Shale area. It is not as expensive  as many people think. Good luck!

       Keep us posted as to how things go.

Agree that Grant Summers and the other attorneys at Davidson Summers APLC in Shreveport are the best O&G attorneys for land/mineral owners.  Bobby, it sounds like your mother has received a check because the well in her section has "paid out".  Un-leased mineral owners have protections under Louisiana law.  The well operator is entitled to withhold production payments until the full well cost is recovered but then must pay the un-leased mineral interest (UMI) 100% of their proportional share in well income, as opposed to the royalty fraction that mineral lessors receive for signing a lease.

A recent court case has determined that unauthorized costs were deducted from the accounts of UMIs by Chesapeake and additional litigation will be forthcoming.  Any of the attorneys at Davidson Summers can help you with that or you can simply check back in here at GHS as more details will be available soon.


              Thank you very much for your replys, I'll try and get her to go. Thanks again.     



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